Koester Corporation has decades of experience in machining, fabrication, and machine building. Originally founded as Koester Machined Products Company (KMPC), the “machine” side of our business was merged into Koester Corporation when the move to 1650 Commerce Drive brought this arm of the business under the same roof as the panel shop in 2009. We have diversified experience handling all aspects of industrial machine building. Some of our specific areas of specialty are highlighted below.

Custom Machine Building & Rebuilding

Machine building is our specialty. We offer complete machine building services. Our experience is primarily with custom assembly machines and test stands. We have worked with various industries as an OEM of industry-specific process and assembly machinery. We are able to build to the customers drawings and specifications, but we can also offer engineering services and work with customers to design machines that fulfill their requirements. We can take a custom machine project from idea to on site commissioning including all of the following:

  • Design services including production of 3D models, specification of all components, construction/assembly drawings.
  • Machining of custom parts, fixtures, and tooling.
  • Fabrication of machine frames, bases, structural components, safety gates, fences, etc.
  • Purchasing of all third party components required including hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric actuators and control components.
  • Design and construction of required control panels and operator stations.
  • Full assembly of machine.
  • Electrical wiring, startup, debug, and full system testing.
  • On-site equipment staging for customer inspection and run-off.
  • Machine disassembly.
  • Painting.
  • Export crating (when required).
  • Machine reassembly/electrical installation.
  • Startup assistance provided by skilled controls engineers.

In addition to new machine construction, we are routinely involved in rebuilding or refurbishing existing industrial systems. In the current economic climate, industries are looking for ways to reduce costs wherever possible, ideally without affecting quality or margins. One way this is accomplished is by rebuilding existing production equipment. Often the life of mechanical systems can be extended by tearing down and rebuilding, replacing worn components where necessary, resulting in “like new” mechanical equipment. Outfitting the rebuilt machinery with modern up-to-date electrical controls can increase machine productivity, or reduce down time by improving ease of maintenance. The resulting rebuilt and updated system is reinstalled at a fraction of the cost of installing all new equipment, yet the benefits are still realizes (i.e. process improvement, increased efficiency, reduced downtime, etc.).

Process Piping & Skid-Based Sub-Assemblies

Over the years Koester Corporation has become quote proficient in process piping, particularly specializing in skid-based process sub-assemblies. Skid-based sub-assemblies are an increasingly popular way to pre-fabricate complex process piping in order to ease the installation on site. The pre-fabricated assemblies can be built and tested in the controlled environment of our shop. This allows for plug-and-play ease of installation once the equipment is on site, minimizing the need for expensive specialty trade labor on site during equipment installation and commissioning.

Job Shop Capabilities

Our skilled machinists can produce parts to your specifications and/or drawings in single quantities or production runs. Likewise, our skilled fabricators can produce weldments to your exact specifications. Finishing services such as paint and assembly are available all in the same location.